Monday, August 1, 2011


So far this pregnancy has been a breeze…no morning sickness, minimal weight gain, perfection in every way.
Then I failed the glucose test. Twice.
No big deal, I can handle this. Diabetic consultations, blood testing, strict diet. As long as the baby is healthy.
I’m dehydrated.
I can handle this. Gallon of water a day. As long as the baby is healthy.
(30 weeks) Contractions every three minutes, shortened cervix, hospital, still dehydrated. As long as the baby is healthy.
Bed, couch. Church as long as it’s less than 2 hours per week. I can do this, as long as the baby is healthy. At this point, our biggest concern is that baby boy will come early.
I spent my birthday on bedrest. But it was still a great day.
First goal: 34 weeks.
If he decides to come, they won’t stop him. 2 shots for his lungs.
Second goal: 36 weeks.
If he comes at 36 weeks, he will probably go home when I do.
Third goal: 37 weeks
34 weeks: Kidney infection
Hospital; IV; Anti-biotic; allergic to anti-biotic; more bedrest.
36 weeks: Headaches
I called the doctor on Friday and he (not my doctor) prescribes Tylenol with Codeine. I refuse to take it.
This was the scariest moment of my pregnancy, I went in for my weekly appointment and when the nurse took my blood pressure it was 160/100.  “Lie on your left side and I’ll check again.” No change. Doctor checks it a third time. I tell her that I called Friday, she is furious that all he did was prescribe medicine without calling me in.
She sent me to the hospital again, this time for 24 hour urine analysis and CT scans. She tells me that they may take the baby this week. CT scan is normal (I used to have a small tumor on my pituitary gland). Urine is borderline, blood pressure fluctuates. First meds for headache increased the pain, second meds eased it.
Doctor tells me that she is going to send me home on even stricter bedrest. The baby is too skinny.
36.5 weeks: Appointment
I’m told that I can’t come off bedrest. With my BP fluctuating, there’s too much of a risk. I’m told that I will probably be induced. I hold it together until I make it out the door. And I cry. I cry a selfish, pity-party cry. I’m tired of bedrest. I’m tired of being pregnant. I want to walk. Be normal
37 weeks:Appointment
I saw the doctor that prescribed the Tylenol. I’m 70% effaced and 1 cm dilated: exactly what I had been a week ago. I almost cried again. Back home to bedrest.
38 weeks: Appointment
I saw my doctor today. She checks my blood pressure (high, but not ridiculous) and my urine twice (protein in urine.) She strips my cervix, with no warning. (Intense pain, not unbearable.) I’m 80% effaced and a loose 2 cm dilated. She considers inducing me today, but allows me to decide between now (Monday, August 1) and Friday. I ask when she’s on call. Wednesday and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday is the doctor prescribed the Tylenol. I choose Wednesday. I’m told to be there between 5:30 and 6. Induction starts at 7.
I go home. Nervous. Excited. I call my husband and all the grands. Hubby is thrilled, dances in the lobby at work, “We’re having a baby Wednesday!”

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