Tuesday, August 2, 2011

get ready

I'm having a baby tomorrow.
I’m having a baby. Tomorrow.
I’m having a hard time grasping this information. 9 months ago, I cried when I found out I was pregnant. I was terrified.
Now it’s reality.
I repacked my bags. Double checked my play list. Tried to relax. My sister made shirts for everyone. Mommy, Daddy, Auntie K8, Nonny, Papa J, Papa ChuChu, Nee’Nee.
Jason worked today. I spent the day with mom. Broke bedrest and went to the school, nail salon. Walked around a little. This is my last day before I’m a mommy. I’m not spending it laying down.
My dad came in from Gainesville. We got a comedy film to take my mind off tomorrow. I’m so not going to sleep tonight. Alarm is set for 4:30am. I can have a single, plain piece of toast for breakfast. (Dad bought me the good bread :) )
I’m having a baby. Tomorrow.

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