Sunday, May 6, 2012

No more disposables!

After 9 months of fighting with multiple rashes on Sweet Jax's belly, thighs, bum and more-no matter how many diapers we tried-Jason and I made the switch to cloth. Initially, we weren't sure about the whole cloth diaper thing. We had visions of white cotton rectangles and diaper pins and to be honest, it scared us. But we also knew that something had to be done, because though the rash didn't seem to bother Jax, we knew it couldn't be healthy and it definitely bothered us. I was thrilled discover that cloth diapers today look nothing like I envisioned. There are so many options-options that are just as easy as disposable diapers. I found myself swimming in terms like AIO, pockets, one-size, fitted. How could I possibly choose? One major drawback was the cost-each diaper was easily $15 or more! 12 diapers (what Jason and I figured to be the minimum necessary to CD full-time) would be at least $180, and since we are struggling to be debt free, we just don't have that lying around. I stumbled across KaWaii and read wonderful things about the company. I was positively thrilled with their prices-around $8 per diaper, with free shipping. We ordered 12 and anxiously awaited their arrival.

Moooove over plastic, there's a new diaper in town!
When they arrived, I was unprepared for how incredibly soft they were. I was in love! Each diaper came with 2 inserts (we use 1 insert for day time and 2 for night)

These are waaaayyy cuter than disposables.
 We did have to buy some CD friendly detergent. I already use All Free and Clear (which is wonderful for our clothes), because let's face it, Jax's sensitive skin comes to him honestly, but I'd read mixed reviews about how it does with Cloth Diapers. I found Ecos which was rated as good for cloth diapers by several of the reviews I read. Prepping the diapers was easy. Cold rinse, wash, rinse, rinse, tumble dry low and we're ready to go!

Because I'm crazy, we put the diapers to the ultimate test on the first try-nighttime!  Jax has been known to leak in his disposables overnight, so I was interested to see how the Good Night Heavy Wetter would hold up.

 KaWaii Good Night Heavy Wetter-Double Stuffed for nighttime. This diaper is super bulky, but I don't care since it's for night use.
Jax woke up the next morning completely dry and leak free! Yay!! I was thrilled to use the diapers throughout the rest of the day and was struck by how incredibly easy they turned out to be. I take off the dirty diaper and put in a laundry bag (or wet bag if we're out and about) and put the new one on. Easy peasy! The only downfall is that the diapers are considerably "fluffier" than disposables, which means that sometimes his pants are a little tight. I do think the "fluffy butt" is adorable though!

How cute is that fluffy little rump?
Another aspect I'm impressed by is how well the diapers fit! Our diapers are one-size, which means they adjust to fit from 8-36 lbs! After one week, I'm fairly certain that we will never go back to plastic disposables again! Later I'll write about how to use the diapers and the laundering process. :)

Oh, and in case you were wondering- all of Sweet Jax's rashes are completely gone. Yay cloth!!

What do you think? Would you ever use cloth diapers?

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